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God Will Finish What He Has Started In You!

This Truth also applies to the New Hope Church, God isn’t done with us. In fact I get the feeling He’s just getting started. Three things to remember as we talk about how God Will FINISH what He has started in my life:

First, remember God’s Great Love for you, and how He rejoices over you even now, right now.

The Second important reminder, God Is working In you.

The Third important thing to remember, God doesn’t see failure When He looks at you. You need to know and believe that God is not done working in you, and He is going to complete what He has started in You - And in our Church.

So I’m asking you, I’m pleading with you, Put away your doubts. Put away your fears. Those things are not of God.

Stand on Truth

Live by Faith

Believe and Be excited

about What God is doing and will continue to do in our community of Faith!


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