Pastor and First Lady Henderson

The Forest Hill Ministries Church History 


Elder Henry & Ethey Henderson founded Forest Hill Church in December of 1976, along with their son (Markeith) and Ramzy family (Samuel, Faith and their son Justin).

The church was located in a storefront building located at: 3152 Mansfield Highway, Fort Worth, Texas. Others families joined the church and it continued to grow. 

After four years the membership out grew the storefront church, so the church purchased two acres of land on 5809 Wreay, Fort Worth TX 76119.

In1980 Pastor Henderson along with the members built the first debt-free sanctuary, which is now called the “Henry Henderson Fellowship Hall”. 

The blessing of Lord was on this ministry and the church continued to grow and grow. Souls were saved and the members were committed to the church.  

After eight years in the sanctuary, the church membership out grew the building. It was time to build a larger sanctuary.

In1988 Pastor Henderson along with the members, friends and outside contractors, build a “New Sanctuary”. 

The new sanctuary was connected to the fellowship hall which makes the existing church today. 11,000 square feet, it sets on two acres of land and the church is “Debt Free”.

Pastor Henry Henderson served faithfully for eighteen and half years until the Lord saw fit to call him home on May 22, 1995. 

His last message to Forest Hill Church of God In Christ on May 21, 1995 was in titled: 

“What’s going to be is up to you”


 5809 Wreay Drive

 Fort Worth, TX 76119



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